Who makes sushi?

In Japan, a chef who makes sushi is called Itamae. In Japan, the title of chief sushi chef is extremely prestigious and, as such, is not freely awarded. Known as Itamae in Japanese, which translates to “in front of the board, the head of sushi is ultimately the one in front of the cutting board, responsible for the production of all sushi. In Japan, Itamae is even responsible for entertaining guests and calculating the final bill in traditional sushi restaurants.

An itamae is often associated with sushi (also known as a sushi chef or sushi chef). In the chef's case, the terms “Itamae” and “Shokunin” are used. A sushi chef is known as an Itamae, whereas a Shokunin is simply someone with a skill set. In Japan, the title of head chef of sushi, or itamae, is an exceptionally prestigious and revered title.

It is not freely rewarded and only the best of the best have it. The term Itamae translates as “in front of the board, that is, this is the person in charge of everything that happens on the board where sushi is prepared. They are charged with the responsibility of preparing sushi, governing the sushi kitchen, and pleasing guests. An Itamae in Japan is highly revered and honored.

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When this label is used in a store, it simply means that the fish is of the highest quality and that you can feel comfortable eating it raw. Fish freeze quickly on the boat after being caught, killing any parasites they may contain. Sushi has a wonderful history and is a very tasty dish that a lot of people enjoy. You can try the sushi offered at your local restaurant, starting with whatever you feel most comfortable with before branching out to try new types.

If you're a bold type, you can also try buying high-quality fish for sushi, some rice vinegar, rice and seaweed wraps to try to make your own.